Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pretty Twisted by Gina Blaxill

As a teen reader I loved the Point Horror and Point Crime books. They were books that were interesting, mysterious and compelling without being patronising because it was meant for young adults. So when the lovely Gina asked me if I'd want to read her book I took a look at the synopsis and agreed without hesitation. The cover alone tempted me..

Two different stories, One missing girl... Who would you trust?

Pretty Twisted explores the disappearance of the beautiful and enigmatic Freya from the perspective of her (until recently) boyfriend Jonathan and his new online friend Ros. Jonathan is annoyed that he is stuck at home while his gorgeous girlfriend gets to move to London and go to Music School. One night, angry at being stuck at home without her, 16 year old Jon befriends Ros in an online chatroom and they begin a friendship based on a lie that Ros is actually 16 (in reality she is only 14). They discuss friendships, family and relationships and their mutual love of sci-fi and become close quickly.

So when, only a few short weeks later, Jon has a blazing row with Freya and ends up getting dumped he appears to be the most likely candidate as to where Freya disappears off to. But Ros has abandonment issues after her mother walked out on her and her sister and has really fallen for Jon and been following Freya around without him knowing.

In a mystery that will leave you guessing to the very end, Blaxill manages to show teen angst and unrequited love against an altogether more sinister backdrop of internet friends, underage sex and disappearances. Her characters continue on with the everlasting battle to just be accepted. Some struggle to be adults before their time, others are just trying to do what they love without the pressure of making family proud.

But the question remains... where is Freya?

Brilliant young adult fiction but would appeal to those older who just like a good mystery.


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