Friday, 16 November 2012

UK Jewish Film Festival 2012 Highlights

There have been some brilliant films shown at this year's UK Jewish Film Festival 2012 and I have been fortunate enough to cover some of them over at Filmoria. There have been giggles, tears, belly laughs and quiet fascination and topics covered ranging from the meddling Jewish parent to joining the army and finding love. All these incredible features and shorts had something unique to offer and I only wish more people could see some of these films on wider release.

Highlights from this year's festival include the fascinating documentary Poisoned, which followed four young men as they joined the Israeli army and looked at how the army affected each of them, the smile-inducing Dorfman starring Elliott Gould and Sara Rue, and the gorgeous and totally endearing We Are Not Alone, which starred Israeli actor Ohad Knoller.

My absolute favourite though has to be Simon and the Oaks, an incredibly powerful and moving coming-of-age story with stunning Swedish backdrops and incredible central performances.

There are still a few days left to catch something as part of the festival. So check out the programme at for more information.

You can check out all the coverage of the festival over at Filmoria.

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