Friday, 11 January 2013

Nigel Planer and more announced for Sam Mendes' Charlie and Chocolate Factory musical production

With Douglas Hodge set to play Willy Wonka in Sam Mendes' new stage production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it remained to be seen who would be playing the many other beloved characters from the Roald Dahl story. With the key role of Charlie himself still unannounced, it has been revealed that Nigel Planer will be playing the unstoppable Grandpa Joe.

Other cast includes Clive Carter as Mr Salt, Jasna Ivir as Mrs Gloop, Paul J Medford as Mr Beauregarde, Iris Roberts as Mrs Teavee and Myra Sands as Grandma Georgina alongside Joe Allen, David Birch, Michelle Bishop, Mireia Mambo Bokele, Matthew Clark, Alex Clatworthy, Jennifer Davison, Luke Fetherston, Nia Fisher, Kate Graham, Clare Halse, Mark Iles, Daniel Ioannou, Kieran Jae, Jane McMurtrie, Natalie Moore-Williams, Sherrie Pennington, Damien Poole, Paul Saunders, Jack Shalloo and Jay Webb.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Summary/Plot
When Charlie wins a golden ticket to the weird and wonderful Wonka Chocolate Factory, it’s the chance of a lifetime to feast on the sweets he’s always dreamed of. But beyond the gates astonishment awaits, as down the sugary corridors, and amongst the incredible edible delights, the five lucky winners discover not everything is as sweet as it seems.

Tickets for the production are on sale now. The World Premiere is set to be held in June 2013 with previews from 18 May 2013. 

Further information is available from the website: 

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