Monday, 15 July 2013

Pacific Rim puts the fun back into summer blockbusters

Remember the effect Jurassic Park had on the big screen? Independence Day? The incredible effects, the comedic one-liners, the characters we all cared about? It's been ages since I've felt that in the cinema - until now!

Pacific Rim ticks every box and delivers with every scene. The 3D enhances the cinematic experience and both the aliens and robots are simply spectacular. Care and detail has gone into making them more than just Power Rangers on steroids and the result is mesmerising and breathtaking to behold. Behind the action and epic robot vs. alien fight sequences, though, there is heart and emotion. There is a fantastic female actress (Rinko Kikuchi) who doesn't need to parade about in a bikini amongst the men to make people take note, there is Idris Elba leading the troups, Charlie Hunnam scarred by the loss of his brother.

The story has it all and backs it up with everything you could want from a proper summer blockbuster: action, comedy, thrills and pure unadulterated fun.

Go and see it. See it right now, at the cinema, in 3D. You will not be disappointed. Your face may hurt though from all the smiling!

5/5 FOBLES - if only more filmmakers could deliver like this does

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