Wednesday, 12 February 2014

SDAs (Social Displays of Affection) set to take over this Valentine's Day

It’s that time of year! There are flowers everywhere, the adverts on TV are telling you to buy cards, restaurants are running special promotions and chocolates are coming in heart-shaped boxes. Welcome to Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day may be known to singletons as a day to avoid but it seems even those in couples are getting annoyed with the ever-growing trend of SDAs (Social Displays of Affection). Gone are the days when PDAs were the thing to turn our noses up to. Now, it seems, the desire to post your Valentine’s Day presents or treats on social media is the most annoying thing you can do about it.

Though 1 in 5 of us admit to being SDA offenders, bragging about gifts online, just over a quarter of us admit that seeing their friends gush about how much they love their partners on social media is top of the annoying list this Valentine’s Day.

Research from eBay suggests that 38% of Brits feel the pressure of showing off their gifts online and 24% of women admit that they hint for thoughtful presents simply for bragging rights. That doesn’t, though, mean that sending flowers to someone at work is a good way to go! Second only to receiving a present from an unwanted admirer, receiving flowers at work is the most embarrassing thing you can have happen on this romance-filled day.

So what does all this mean for those contemplating what to buy their significant others this Valentine’s Day? Be thoughtful and romantic. If you want to please your lady, get her something she can show off with pride. If you want to keep your friends, perhaps try keeping it to yourself...

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