Monday, 9 January 2017

Films Made by Women: In a World... by Lake Bell

What better way to kick off the Films Made by Women challenge than with a film written and directed by one who also stars in it!

Lake Bell has the mind behind this delightful look into the world of voiceover work and that iconic trailer intro we all know and love: 'In a world...'

In In A World (2013), Bell plays Carol, the daughter of one of the most celebrated voiceover artists in the business who is trying to break into the industry herself. But far from encouraging her to follow in his footsteps, her father is determined that this is a man's world, a man's industry and he won't have some silly woman coming in and ruining it, least of all his own daughter.

There are silly antics along the way, with great one-liners and comedic timing, yet this film is about so much more than silliness. Carol is hard-working, always studying the accents of the people around her and working on improving her own skills, yet she is immediately dismissed by so many people simply for her gender. And when she finally does start to get some success, well . . . you'll just have to watch it and see for yourself. 

A funny, self-deprecating film about both living in the shadow of someone who doesn't want to give up the limelight and owning your own voice, In A World is a real treat!


See also: Man Up (written by Tess Morris and starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg)

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