Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How to Train your Dragon

This film is the tale of a young Viking boy, Hiccup (genius name!), who is struggling to be accepted by his tribe and the tribe leader, his father (voiced by the delectable Gerard Butler).  While the rest of the tribe battle the pesky dragons, he hides away as an apprentice.  After accidentally knocking the most feared dragon out of the sky, he manages to befriend it.  But Hiccup must keep his new friendship a secret because vikings are not known for their compassion and understanding... or are they?

For those with kids or those simply young at heart, this film is as fun and light-hearted as its many other Dreamworks relatives.  The animation is stellar, especially each of the cleverly thought up dragons.  The sheer size of the Viking elders is daunting and watching them battle the pesky dragons is both worrying and comical.  And for those ladies among you that love a sexy Scottish accent, just enjoy the husky sexy tones of Gerard *swoon*.


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