Thursday, 9 December 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

The Deathly Hallows continues on from where book 6 left off - the death of Albus Dumbledore. Harry has decided not to return to Hogwarts this year and his friends Hermione and Ron are going to join him on his mission to find the remaining Horcruxes and defeat the evil Vold - you know who :) - played by the incredibly menacing Ralph Fiennes. 

Having been a massive fan of the books for years, I was relieved when they announced they'd be making the last book into two films because it's simply impossible to cram it all into one film and do it justice! Unlike the other books, The Deathly Hallows rarely lets up. The book starts with a fight and ends with one and there are only brief moments of calm throughout where our three young heroes are stuck together in a tent for days on end as they plan their next move.

Firstly, the film does an incredible job of sticking to the actual plot. Though a few parts are left out and a couple added in (I actually really liked the cute dance scene between Harry and Hermione), overall the plot is still there which is such a relief! One tiny section really angered me (passion fuelled nakedness is just not necessary in a film watched by children in my humble opinion) but overall it really is darker and more sinister than it's predecessors and compelling viewing.

A stellar cast will leave you wanting more - just a shame we have to wait till July to see the second part!

The effects are amazing so go and see it on the big screen if you can! :) LE x


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