Tuesday, 11 January 2011


The latest DVD to arrive on my doorstep (thanks LoveFilm) I was told great things about this film but that I might need to watch it more than once because it's so complex and quite confusing at times. So I chose to watch it when I wasn't too tired, prepared to be confused.

Well the good news is that I wasn't. Not once did I get totally lost with the plot. Though I did need to pay attention throughout, the film easily takes you on a dark but visually stunning ride through people's dreams as the still fantastic Leonardo DiCaprio and his partner in crime Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I still picture as the awkward teenage boy in 3rd Rock from the Sun) invade people's dreams and steal the secrets buried within them.

To explain the plot would be pointless because it wouldn't make any sense - so all I will say is you need to see it to believe it. The cast are all amazing and the dream sequences are mind blowing. Unlike most Hollywood blockbusters, the plot is so brilliant that you will have no idea what is about to happen, right up to the final scene! Would appeal to male and female cinema fans - just make sure you watch it when you are awake and paying attention! 

I can see why it has been dubbed the best film of 2010 - a title it clearly deserves!


Enjoy :)


  1. If you like Joseph Gordon-Levitt check out 500 days of Summer.