Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Top 5: Funny films

Last week I was asked what my Top 5 films are. An easy question you might think - but not to me. That depends what you mean by top 5... because the top 5 films ever made (in my humble opinion - Shawshank Redemption, Pans Labyrinth, To Kill a Mockingbird, Singing in the Rain and It's a Wonderful Life) are not my favourite five films of all time. And then there are films which I have seen thousands of times but I still wouldn't class them as my top 5 favourites.

I came close to deciding but it then became top 10 because other favourites kept popping into my head and I couldn't choose between them. It was marginally easier to class my top 5 films by genre. Top 5 80s movies, top 5 funny films, top 5 animated, foreign, horror (you get the point!)

So here is today's question: what are your Top 5 funny films of all time?

Mine are:

  • Monty Pythons Life of Brian (genius, in film form)
  • Airplane (Leslie Nielsen and co deliver some of the funniest lines ever uttered on the big screen!)
  • Top Secret (80s classic with a very young Val Kilmer)
  • Zoolander (come on, you know you've done blue steel in photos!)
  • Monty Pythons Holy Grail (most random of all MP films but has the best one liners of them all)

LE xx


  1. Ems said:
    "life of brian, holy grail, kingpin, airplane, ummmmmmm..... .....i'll get back to you on number 5!...oooh oooh- blazing saddles!!! :)"

  2. Ghostbusters
    Funny People
    South Park - Bigger, Longer, Uncut

    (no particular order, probably think of more)

  3. right, logged onto my flixster for the 1st time in 3.5 years and would like to scrap sout park for Shaun of the Dead (how could I forget?)
    oph and swap funny people with Office Space.
    If Back to the future is a comedy, (I guess it is, swap with Class.

  4. So in conclusion;

    Back to the Future (trilogy)
    Office Space