Sunday, 13 February 2011

BAFTAS at a glance

Well not the most action packed night but some absolutely brilliant moments of BAFTA fun and some really disappointing moments of sore losers. The King's Speech obviously swept the board but this is the BRITISH film awards so did we except any different really???

The funniest moment has to be when the autocue failed as Rosamund Pike presented an award with a giant piece of useless human who I'm told is a good actor - yeah clearly the guy needs a script to get anything half intelligent to come out his mouth as he left poor Rosamund to cope alone. She did well I thought till she jumped straight to the winner, totally forgetting to announce the nominations (cue a lightning fast Johnathon Woss to the stage to karate chop the envelope out of her hands before she could read it out). Priceless. But well done Rosamund for at least trying to talk without a script - shows real talent and potential to be a conversant human! Kudos!

The biggest disappointment of the night? The younger actors just looked bored. This should be a dream come true for them but they seemed bored, complacent and just plain uninterested. It was the adults that seemed to really genuinely appreciate just being there and the 14 year old star of true grit looking genuinely annoyed at non winning! Dude its your 1st film! Chill the hell out and be grateful that you were nominated. I'm sure you'll get to make a few more. Sheesh!

Obviously the sexiest man of the night had to be the delectable Gerard Butler (I'm biased I know) but he managed to be hot, funny and just plain yum as he always does. And its just so nice to hear him talking in his ACTUAL accent! Now if only I can get him to sing the next time he's on it....

Best speech has to be Helena Bonham Carter for her funny and heartwarming list of thanks, jokes and dedication to the best supporting wives (her dear mum being top of that list). I'd like to say she clearly wasn't expecting to win but maybe she's just that good an actress!

But the most sincere and touching moment of the night came from the frail waif of a man Christopher Lee as he hobbled onto the stage and gave a speech reminiscent of my brilliantly funny, witty and little old grandpa.  He is obviously well loved and respected and managed to be brilliant and not cry even when the entire place gave him a standing ovation for his award. Evidently the fall of Mordor has taken its toll on Saruman but hopefully he will dazzle in the Hobbit.
Other notable moments were the absence of the heavily pregnant Natalie Portman after she won Best Actress for Black Swan and the Harry Potter award for outstanding contribution to British Cinema which saw a shy JK Rowling cower behind David (I can't remember his surname... ;) Well done to JK for her outstanding contribution to reading.  She has single-handedly got children reading again and parents reading with them in the most imaginative and creative stories since Lord of the Rings.

Also well done to Tom Hardy for finally being recognised for being fab!!!! Best rising star - er hell yeah! After parts in Inception and Rock 'n' Rolla among others we are going to see lots more from him!!!

And why oh why did they not show more of the foreign film award - am I really the only Brit interested in this category ??? Surely not!!!!

Now onto the Oscars...

LE xx

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