Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl basically plays the same role in all her films but she does it so well evidently nobody has seen the need to change her - and why bother? Her acting skills were put to the test much more during her time on Grey's Anatomy but her paypacket is probably much more appealing now she has becoming the leading lady in RomComs, so she is quite cleverly riding that gravy train all the way to her Hollywood bank account.

And good for her.

The Ugly Truth sees her reprise her role of the tightly wound, neurotic control freak looking for love and shocked that she can't seem to find it. Because surely all men want to have a background check and conversation points on their first date. No? (Yikes!) But she is hot. There's no denying it. So as soon as she meets the abrasive and brutally honest Gerard Butler, sparks were bound to fly. She has the idea of the perfect man in her mind and a carefully thought out check list for her prospective men to adhere to and he insists men are simple and want nothing but good looks and a tight butt.

Humour and the obvious trials and tribulations follow as the two are forced to work together and he is enlisted to get her a date based on his unconventional tips on male manipulation. She then proceeds to completely alter who she is after being told by him how to dress and what to say "don't criticise him, laugh at every joke he tells, even if it isn't funny".  I won't ruin the ending (as if you didn't already see it coming) but it is worth a look if you like that sort of thing. It's more current than the overly cheesy RomComs with plenty of rudeness (cue vibrating panties) and swearing and the two leads are actually quite good.

So if you're a fan of the tongue-in-cheek RomCom or just fancy the pants of either of the leads, then check this one out. It's a well done bit of silly and has enough hotness in it to appeal. For the women, Gerard is gorgeous and funny and men, it might even be tolerable as a date movie if your lady is a chick-flick kinda gal.

One thing's for sure - I could handle the ugly truth if it came from someone as delicious as Gerard Butler. I really could.

LE xx


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