Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Jane Austen Addict books by Laurie Viera Rigler

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict

What would you do if you fell asleep reading Pride and Prejudice and woke up in 1812 in someone else's body? This is what happens to Courtney Stone, a 30-something modern day inhabitant of LA, unlucky in love and life. Her only solace is the world of her favourite author Jane Austen. But then she wakes up in the body of Jane Mansfield. Her new mother is pushing her to marry Mr Edgeworth or else be sent to an insane asylum .. and after a recent riding accent which has left her disoriented, she is about to be bled.

This is the story of Courtney and Jane as their lives blur together. Courtney soon learns that all the romanticism of the era is not exactly as she imagined it. She is now in a world where women's only career option was to marry well and one kiss could ruin their reputation forever. Class boundaries are rigid and her modern day morals are quickly called into question.

This is a funny and dramatic account of what Courtney learns along the way and that, even if she can figure out how to return back home, she has Jane's life in her care and must respect the responsibility that brings. The humour lies in the subtle cultural differences, in her incorrect use of modern day language and the normalities of 1812 England which she must learn to adapt to if she is to survive a world without daily baths, mobile phones and TV.

Confessions has all you would expect from an Austen - misunderstandings, rogues, innocents, meddling mothers and cool fathers - but with a modern day twist which makes it even more enjoyable.

Clever, funny, romantic and silly all at once. Rigler lovingly takes all the best of Austen and treats it with the care and devotion only a true Austen fan could do. Look out for Austen's very own 'cameo' as our leading lady meets her idol face to face...

Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict

Book 2 by Rigler is the story in reverse - as Jane Mansfield, a gentleman's daughter from 1812 wakes up in modern day LA in all its terrifying glory. Unlike Courtney, Jane knows nothing of the world she is now in and must learn to speak like her friends and not to jump out of her skin every time she sees light without candles, tiny people acting out plays in the box in her apartment and giant machines fly over her head. Oh and how on earth will she ever figure out how a car works?

This book is just as funny as the first but for very different reasons. The dialogue is brilliant and seeing modern day living through the eyes of Jane is absolute class - especially when she encounters cocktails and hamburgers for the first time. She must learn to adapt to the new morals of this society where divorce can be a good thing and having sex doesn't make you a ruined woman. It's lovely to see her make the most of her new life as she tries to balance work, bills, friends and love - all while continuing to read the new Jane Austen books she hasn't seen written yet.



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