Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Limitless: A Guys Film for Girls

Every once in a while a guy film comes along with such a clever plot and such a hot male lead that swarms of females go to see what all the guys are talking about. Limitless is such a film. Fundamentally its a guy's film about a guy who wants to have it all and might just pull it off...

Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a loser. There's no sugar coating it -the guy is a Writer with Writer's block, is hideously unattractive (yeah right!), is broke and living in squalor and has just been ditched by his long suffering and totally adorable, more successful girlfriend.

Then, when he bumps into his ex-brother in law, he is offered a new FDA approved drug which unlocks the 80% of your brain you don't normally use and this one's a freeby - for old times sake. The effect is so powerful that from just one pill, Eddie has cleared his entire flat, bedded the landlords wife and written a large chunk of his book. So, of course, he wants more... and that's when the fun really starts. Oh and yeah it's not FDA approved but you didn't really believe that did you...?

Apart from one scene which was so gross it had the entire audience gagging into their popcorn, the film is very clever and action packed. There are so many bad guys it's sometimes hard to keep track of who comes where on the food chain. Oh and what does our hero do with this new found power? Well he is a writer to start with, so surely he uses this new knowledge to write the new War and Peace, perhaps a modern classic, a Wuthering Heights or Oliver Twist of the new world.  Hell no, he becomes a stock broker. (Like I said, it's a boys film!)

Eddie soon starts to realise there may be some side-effects to this miracle pill. But surely, when you can use all 100% of your brain, you can think your way out of anything - or can you?

There's some parts of the plot that are conveniently forgotten which is its only real downside but overall its just silly and easy to watch.

Enjoy! I know I did :)

LE x

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