Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kick-Ass (says it all!)

There are brilliant films made in every genre. Of the graphic novel variety, they are often met with disapproval by the general public for excessive use of violence ... or innacuracy by the comic book fans who hate for their beloved comic books to be altered for the big screen (and rightly so!) Then along came Kick-Ass. Many viewers were outraged that the film's young star uses severe expletives as easily as most girls her age would ask for more ice cream with dinner, but the filmmakers insisted it was to keep the film more accurate. If she swears in the comic (or is it graphic novel?!) then she should swear on the big screen. In the words of the great Mr Big, to that I say abso-fuckin-lutely!!!

So many films nowadays panda to the 12A rating so they can reach a wider audience by removing half the plot (Time Travellers Wife removed some horrific parts of the book and turned it all shmaltzy for the film, completely losing what made the book so unique and brilliant!) Other films manage to include just enough sex, violence and swearing to scrape past with a 12A. Then there is the world of the 15 certificate which Kick-Ass has. To compare, this film has the same rating as Black Swan. While Kick-Ass has a whole array of graphic novel violence and a few uses of pretty severe swearing, Black Swan had stabbing yourself in the face with a nail file and a pretty graphic lesbian sex scene.  So take your pick.

The plot revolves around a young guy who decides to be a superhero in the form of Kick-Ass. His work defending a guy from some street thugs becomes an overnight youtube phenomenon and catches the attention of far more experienced superheroes Big Daddy (played by Nic Cage!) and Hit-Girl, a father daughter superhero combo who are introduced to us just as daddy lovingly shoots his little girl (played by Let Me In star Chloe Moretz) so she can feel what it's like while wearing a bullet proof vest. Awwww shucks. Meeting these two means our unlikely hero gets caught up in far more than he could have ever imagined.

The violence in this holds up but is far less dark than its graphic friends Sin City and 300 mainly because of the use of humour. What makes it an all round KICK-ASS film is its ability to combine so much so well. It manages to be violent and funny, terrifying and adorable all at once.  The relationships are real and heartfelt, some more awkward and angsty than others and the humour is perfectly timed. But when the action sequences start, the skill and weaponry used is mind-blowing! Mixed in with a fantastic soundtrack, it's all round greatness.

There are rumours of a second film being written so can't wait for that!

This film is certainly not for the faint hearted but if you don't mind the violence and the dropping of the C-bomb by a pre-teen in a purple wig then this film is stylish, clever, funny and endearing.

Highly recommended!

4.5 FOBLES out of 5 :)


LE xx


  1. .. love the fact of nic cage's voice- doing an adam west voice as batman! ;p

  2. This movie was horrible. The acting was weak and the plot ludicrous.