Tuesday, 9 August 2011

DVD Review: Burlesque

Some films give you exactly what you expect and you can't fault them for doing just what they set out to do. Burlesque is not about the acting - luckily, because bless Christina for trying - and try she does - she can't act. (One scene, where she is meant to be crying and invoking a teary reaction just left me blank). She isn't awful though, it's totally watchable and she gave it a good bash. Luckily for her, her supporting cast can. McSteamy is on top sleazy form, Cher is brilliant as always, Stanley Tucci plays camp so well you just want to squish his cheeks and Cam Gigandet plays a human with great conviction :) There's even a little cameo from Glee star Dianna Agron.

The plot is weak - young girl moves to LA to make it big - but so were so many films before it. The soundtrack is what you watch for. The belting numbers where Christina gets to do what she does best, the women is skimpy outfits miming along to the greats and a selection of Cher numbers to show the youngens just how it should be done.

It's silly and fun and good for a laugh when you want something that isn't too taxing.

3/5 FOBLES xx

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