Tuesday, 30 August 2011

DVD Review: Source Code

In a time when plots seem to follow the same pattern, again and again, it's brilliantly refreshing to come across a film that keeps you guessing right to the end. Source Code is such a film. Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon), Source Code is the perfect crossover film. It flawlessly blends Sci-Fi with action, thriller, crime and even a little bit of romance. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Captain Colter Stevens, on a mission to track down the person who bombed a train in Chicago before they set off an even bigger explosion.

Only this is no ordinary mission. Stevens is being sent back, using the top secret military discovery Source Code, to the last eight minutes of a man's life - a man who died on the train. Stevens has those eight minutes to investigate, to chat with fellow passengers, to find the bomb, and find the bomber. Every time he comes out of the Source Code his brain is a little frazzled and he is sent in again and again. Each time, things are the same but just a little bit different depending on what he does.

The plot is surprising and has twists and turns each and every step of the way. Michelle Monaghan is charming and gorgeous as the love interest on board the train and you can understand why Captain Stevens might just get a little distracted with her around. Vera Farmiga shines as always as Colleen Goodwin, the only person Captain Stevens has to talk to every time he returns. Farmiga is so calm and subtle in her acting and yet manages to be utterly compelling whenever she is on screen.

A brilliant action packed adventure with a clever plot, incredible effects, personable characters and surprising twists.

4.5/5 FOBLES

Check out the Youtube trailer below:

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