Friday, 20 June 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay district posters arrive

President Snow has released some stunning new posters celebrating the very best of Panem. Check them out below...

3 - After shorting out, then quickly repairing District 3’s mainframe at the age of nine, Fibre Bissette, 32, has proven her fearlessness in the face of any challenge.

4 - The proud daughter of a deep-sea fisherman and a sixth-generation pearl diver, Naida Dolan, 22, channels her legacy as she proudly holds the day’s catch.

6 - Thought to have gasoline pumping through his veins, Malcolm Kastel, 31, is devoted to District 6’s mission of keeping Panem moving.

7 - Elias Haan, 26, has kept the axe handed down to him by his great-grandfather as a reminder of the hardships he and his great District have overcome.

9 - After a day in the fields, Triti Lancaster, 17, graciously offers a bundle of wheat to her fellow citizens of Panem.

10 - Raised amongst the herd, Felix Stam, 35, possesses a quiet understanding of the ways of animals and the circle of life that unites us all.


12 - Lily Elsington, 6, captures the spirit of the next generation of District citizens: ready, willing, and eager to fuel the Panem of tomorrow.

Based on the book by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Part 1 is out in November!

Source: The Capitol

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