Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Fault in Our Stars #bookvsfilmclub report

The Fault in Our Stars was certainly a story that stayed with the #bookvsfilmclub. Days after watching, ‏@louisareid tweeted: ‘Still getting over #TFIOS film’.
That said, it didn’t have quite the same impact on many of us that the book did, possibly just because we read the John Green book first. As @GroylefinGirl tweeted: ‘loved the book, had already grieved so didn't need to do it again in the film’.

It seemed too that, though the book won the vote of which out of the two people preferred, overall the club was very impressed with the adaptation which ‏@GroylefinGirl said was ‘faithful to [the] book’. It kept the tone, the soul of Green's novel – and in that we were all in agreement. ‏@hmcami did say, though, that ‘the film missed the flow and background that you get in the book’ which was probably inevitable as it had to be trimmed to fit the length of a feature film.

There was certainly a lot of love for Laura Dern who plays Hazel’s mum in the film. ‏@louisareid noted that ‘In the book, I don't remember Hazel's mum being a character I rooted for, but in [the] film - I really felt for her.’ She went on to say that the ‘Saddest bits for me were with Hazel's parents, especially mum, amazingly played by L Dern.’ ‏@Abby_Chandler added: ‘What a legend’ and @GroylefinGirl tweeted ‘LOVE Laura Dern’.

You can read my full book vs film review at The Hollywood News.
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